Terms And Conditions

  • A $30 deposit (cash only) is required from host to reserve event date. This deposit also covers the cost of event set up and clean up. If host is paying for all paint guests, then host shall pay an additional $25 for each painter (including himself/herself). This can either be paid along with the deposit or on day of event.
  • One painting per event shall be chosen from SOC’s paint gallery. SOC will contact you 2 days prior to event to get final head count and chosen painting. Booked event shall consist of 5-25 painters.
  • If host must cancel a booked event, then SOC requires 2 days (48 hours) advanced notice prior to day of event. Failure to give this notice will result in the $30 deposit being withheld by SOC.
  • If SOC must cancel prior to or on the day of event, then all deposit amounts will be refunded to host.
  • If inclement weather dictates the cancellation of a booked outdoor event, then host may reschedule to another available date. All deposits will be refunded.
  • SOC will collect all balances from host and/or individual painters on the day of party event before services are rendered. $25 per painter (cash only). Receipts will be issued.
  • Please allow SOC 1.5 hours for set-up and time to collect funds prior to event time. Example: Booked event start time is 5:00pm. SOC will start set up at 3:30pm.
  • If event will be held in location other than host’s property, then it is host’s responsibility to coordinate the date/time and make payments with/to the entities of event location.
  • SOC will provide plastic covering protection on host’s tables (if used for event). SOC will also provide protection on areas as seen fit to prevent possible paint splatters. If SOC will be using its own tables and stools, then it is the host’s responsibility to move his/her own furniture to make room for it. SOC is not responsible for moving furniture back after event.
  • SOC will not be held liable for any charges incurred by host in remedying possible paint stains on floors, carpets, walls, furniture or in remedying possible scratches/dents on walls that may occur when SOC brings in/sets up tables and stools inside/outside the property.
  • SOC will dispose of all event related trash excluding food, food plates, drinks and beverage containers that may be provided by host and guests.


**SOC will be taking pictures during your paint party event and may post them on social media for advertising purposes. If you do not wish for such pictures to be posted, then please let me know.

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